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The long awaited,
much talked about,
most comprehensive book
ever written about the

has arrived!

Has it always been your dream to be a model, an actress, an entertainer... part of showbiz?
NOW is the time to act upon those dreams!
Do you want the fairytale life? Travel to exotic destinations? Do what you've always seen as an impossible dream?
NOW is the time to make your dreams come true!
Do you think it's too late because of your age, your weight, your current career and responsibilities?
NOW is your pivotal moment! I will help you to take your dreams and expectations beyond the impossible...

Do you want to be a Plus Size Model? Are you ready to:
Do what it takes and achieve all the things you've ever dreamt about?
Achieve financial independance?
Reach your goals?
Then this introduction letter on how to set you up in the Plus Size Modeling Industry might just be the most important letter you'll ever read...

This 200 page book covers all information and the formula on how to become a Plus Size Model
Discover what the Press, Top Models, Model Agencies and many more professional people say about "The Year of the Plus Size Model - 2011"
This is the most comprehensive book ever written on "The Plus Size Modeling Industry"

Most probably! Let me give you some reasons why we can back up what we claim...
"How to be a Plus Size Model" includes information from an ex Miss South Africa, Miss Germany 1988/89, Mrs Style, Top International Models and International Modeling Agencies.
All these incredible people are my friends and collegues who contributed with personal experiences, insight and advice, making the "How to be a Plus Size Model" the best publication in this field ever.

The history of the Plus Size Industry... Updated, hot-of-the-press information about the Plus Size Modeling Industry. We include comprehensive guidelines to avoid model scams, expensive wrong doings and time savings action plans that will set you up on your way into the Fashion World.

I have been there... I've had a personal journey from rags to riches. I've made wrong turns and decisions - so has many of my friends. I want you to learn from my mistakes and have the best information available, to give you the best opportunity in order to chase your dream with your whole being.

Bibi Farnham
Writer, Artist, Professional Speaker, Trainer, Therapist, Relationship/Dream Coach, Spokeperson for Plus Size Modeling

Think Out of the Box Formula
The first modeling book ever written that is digging much deeper than just guiding you to be a model. A guide to open you up to your deepest hearts' desire... If you want something - You have to become it...

Be - Do - Have
We will show you how to tap into the laws of prosperity, by becoming what you've always wanted to be. We will give you a lifestyle secret on how to achieve the lifestyle you've forever dreamt about...
Be warned: If you follow it - You might just get what you're asking for...

The World is ready for You - The Plus Size Model
Get hot of the press information from top Agencies around the World about "The Year of the Plus Size". You - the Plus Size Model - is in demand!

How to be a Plus Size Model
"How to be a Plus Size Model" will give you a step by step guide on the what, where and how to become a Plus Size model. We cover the full criteria for each and every section of the industry. From height and size to shape and character and lots, lots more...

Different Shapes of Plus Size Models
We will teach you how to dress according to your body shape - Accentuating your fabulocities and camouflaging the not-so-perfect ones! In this section you'll also find the proper way to take body measurements and how to appear much more toned and fit by wearing the correct size clothing.

How to find an Agency and Photographer
We will give you a most comprehensive list of International Model Agencies, looking for You - the Plus Size Model. We also cover all you need to know about your first test shoot and how to create an awesome portfolio. Our guidelines will save you money by pointing out the unnecessities not required to be accepted by a professional Agency.

Plus Size Careers
Learn that there is so much more to modeling than just trotting on the ramp! Regardless of your shape and size - you can even work as a fitness model, proudly carrying your size 18!

Learn from Q & A
Questions and Answers from top agencies, top models, world class photographers, journalists and magazine editors. We will cover all questions asked by an aspiring model who wants to break into the fashion world.

The Model bag
Learn what to pack and how to show up for work lookong like a pro, even if you're just starting out. A model's bag is her toolbox - magic box of secrets...

The Model Glossary
You will find the most comprehensive model glossary to teach you the entire lingo of the fashion industry.

You don't have to spend hours and hours on the internet to find information on how to become a plus size model.
You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars by first doing the wrong thing and then the right thing.
You don't have to be frustrated to try and find the agencies who will be interested in plus size models.
You don't ever have to think again: I am too old, too fat, too married and it's too late to go after my dreams!
You only have to work through this most up dated, fresh real time guide to get all the answers you have been looking for.

I gave birth to "How to be a plus size model" when I had enough of doing what I hate and realized that I wasted so many years of doing what is right versus what I really, really want to do...this book, guide will help you to become a model, artist, professional speaker, dancer...whatever your dream is.
It will go deeper than any book ever written on modeling, exploring your dreams your hopes and desires. It will show you that life never meets anybody half way, you have to go out and get it...it will give you tons of information .
You will learn to market yourself like a business, prepare you for the challenges in the industry. Last but not the least included is contact information from the biggest and best international agencies who work with plus size models, companies who work with plus size models and many more industry news that will help you, guide you and shape you to live with confidence in a real woman size.
This is for real woman, you don't ever have to go hungry again… just go after your dreams...

With Love, Bibi Farnham

Andrea Stelzer

Amor Voges

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Plus Size Modeling Industry. The following criteria is a must have in any guide you obtain:

It must give you tools to promote market and build you confidence. It’s all about feeling great in your skin.  Accepting yourself…for who you are and start living today not when you fit the mold…
It must give the history and most updated information on plus size modeling. Lots of guides are outdated.  This “How to be a plus size model” is a 2010 print…what’s in it is happening right now.
It must have all the criteria for plus size modeling plus career possibilities. Not just ramp modeling.
It must prepare you from finding an agency to showing up for your first assignment.
It must have a question and answer section that will address all the questions aspiring models have.
It must include a list of Agencies who use plus size models, list of famous plus size models and a glossary of model lingo.

Just see some of the amazing topics covered in
"How to be a Plus Size Model":

Be, Do – HAVE

Think out of the box

Live happily ever after

Mrs Style Amor Voges

Egypt made me do it

Stepping out of your comfort zone

The world is ready for Plus Size models

What the press say about Plus Size models

Plus size trend to continue in 2010


Circle of Full Figure Modeling

How to really become a plus size model

Criteria for Plus Size models

Fitness Tips for plus size models

All models must have

Different Shapes of plus Size models

Famous body shapes

How to find a photographer

Photos and portfolios

Model Agency to represent you

Life will not meet you half way

Plus Size careers

Miss South Africa and Miss Germany – Andrea Stelzer

Modeling Scams

Learn from Q & A

Models bag

You have been booked, show time

Tricks of the trade

International sizes

Famous plus Size Models

PS: Girlfriend...
Friend, don't be like me who walked away from my dream to become an actress many years ago... so many wasted years...

I used to see things as they are and say: 'why?'
Now I dream of things that never were and say:
'why not?'

Always remember:
It's not a problem - it's only a change of direction!

Live your dream, have wishes come true and desires satisfied. At the same time transform your life into one of love, happiness, joy and success.

To your success,
Bibi Farnham


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